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You are currently international civil servant? You are former international civil servant? You are an expert in multilateral matters or very interested by it?

The AFFOI gives you the opportunity to express yourself publicly on the matter by publishing your writing (in any language).

The process is simple. You wrote an essay (maximum 12,000 characters) that deals with a topic related to our cause and/or goals. You send it with a request for publication to: publication@affoimonde.org. It will be reviewed by a reading committee which will decide whether your article is consistent with our selection criteria. The administration of the AFFOI will then inform you about the outcome. If selected your article will be published in "Regard international" and widely distributed in our networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc ...) Ultimately the most interesting and most popular articles will be gathered for a paper published in book form.

Do not hesitate to share your texts (in all languages).

Info: Articles are shared for free and won't be remunerated.

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