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Our Mission

The AFFOI is going to fulfill its mission by:

Defending the balance of working languages in the daily activities of international organizations (IO).
International organizations have different official languages and working languages. There is a reason for that. Linguistic, cultural and conceptual diversity is necessary for the proper functioning of IO. It is essential to the balance of influence between nations. We therefore commit ourselves to defend it.

Stimulating the refounding of IOs and participating actively to it.
Many international organizations have been founded right after World War II. They have corresponding decision making processes and management structures. But the world has changed a lot since that time. It is thus essential to reconsider things in light of the new global balance. We therefore commit ourselves to act for the modernization of our IO.

Preparing future international civil servants.
Today's High school and college students are tomorrow's international civil servants. It is therefore important to raise their awareness concerning multilateralism and to involve them in a practical way. We therefore commit ourselves to develop projects in that purpose.

In the light

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