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What is AFFOI?
The AFFOI is an assembly of international civil servants who want to defend the linguistic, cultural and conceptual diversity in the functioning of international organizations (IO) and to provide members from underrepresented countries the opportunity to be heard. While originally coming from the 77 countries of the "Francophonie", our members are more and more members from other countries.

To maintain the necessary balance between nations, it is essential to preserve and stimulate diversity. But nowadays diversity is not the rule. Monolingualism and its accompanying exclusive business models dominate the everyday activities of the IO. The AFFOI is born in response to this issue.

What are the objectives of AFFOI?
- Defend the linguistic, cultural and conceptual diversity within IO.
- Raising a global awareness of their importance.
- Dynamically facilitate communication on the subject between international organizations.
- Organize the coordination of joint actions.

Who can join AFFOI?
All people who are - or have been - international civil servants.

How to join AFFOI? The membership is free. To become a member you just need to fill in the electronic form. You will then receive all relevant information to your involvement in its activities.

How AFFOI activities are they funded?
- Donations
- Grants

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