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Message from the President

This English translation is courtesy of M. Jean-François Dumont. The AFFOI thanks him warmly.

Welcome to our website.

The AFFOI is an Assembly of international civil servants working for more than 50 different international organizations such as the United Nations, the World Bank, the International Court of Justice, the European Commission or the African Union.

We - the members of the AFFOI - are convinced that respect of all forms of diversity is a requirement to proper functioning of our organizations. Our aim is thus to protect and/or develop it.
Nowadays global communication and development are increasingly suffering of the overall use of a depleting form of English that restricts very much the scope of values in human interaction. In addition, budget constraints and standardization impose the expansion of a limited number of methods and models mainly coming from a single cultural source. As our organizations are major players in the international regulation, we see this phenomenon as a danger to the quality of our service and to the principle of equality amongst our member states. It is thus urgent to restore and maintain linguistic, cultural and conceptual diversity.

If you are interested in these important issues, if you want to join the action, don't hesitate to contact us.

In any case thank you for your visit,

Dominique Hoppe
President of AFFOIworld

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